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Chairman's Message

Chairman’s Desk

Dear Friends,

    Children are the future of any nation. In order to build a strong nation the children there in, must be well educated. But the present education system still takes an outmoded view of things. They thus rob the children of their inquisitiveness, playfulness and independence. Added to this the claustrophobic effect is created by the classroom. All this has an adverse effect on the children. So, to ensure the all-round development of children,Pratap Education Society has founded KULDEEP SINGH MEMORIAL PUBLIC SCHOOL JHAJJAR in the year April 1991 with the desire to augment the knowledge asset of the nation and to become one of the most preferred destinations for quality education. The Society is committed to the cause of providing education at various levels and in different fields, offering the youth multiple opportunities. The society plans to foray into educational facilities that may set up a one-step total education from Kindergarten to professional career.

    K S M Public School is a full-fledged Senior Secondary Public School having the philosophy of providing a broad base, career oriented education i.e. student centric and intensive.

    kuldeep Singh Memorial Public School, Jhajjar