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Principal's Message

Principal’s Desk / COMMITMENT

Dear Friends,

    The present, system of education, as widely practiced all over the world and India, has its origin in the industrial Age in Europe 200 years ago. Its industrial mindset designs schools to be mass-processing factories that take in children as their raw material and churn out certified professionals to fit the needs of a mechanistic society. It ignores the child's individuality, suppresses creativity and discourages independent thought. Its dehumanizing values have suffused modern pedagogy, warped its priorities and brought about a condition of crises in modern education and modern society. Such a mindset has no place in the future of humanity and is already outdated in world that increasingly values the uniqueness of each human being and seeks to realize the full creative power and potential within us. All over the world there is an urgent and growing need to approach education on new lines; but bold experiments and working models are few. For, the new educational ideal is still in formation, and there is no universal roadmap that can guide the way to the brave new world of a "child - centred" education that we all aspire to realize. KSM Public School takes up the challenge of rebuilding the foundations of education on the deeper psychological insights innate to the Indian civilization and gives a concrete form to the new mindset that must suffuse the future education of humanity. We at KSM seek your support & cooperation and reassure our commitment to identify, nurture and realize true potential of each and every child.

    Mrs. Kanan Sharma
    kuldeep Singh Memorial Public School, Jhajjar